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Attention Pet Lovers!
Chris Bleicher looked for the
most beautiful pet urn names

In April 2003 Chris Bleicher started exclusive
on her website the competition.
The response was so positive, that the internet competition
which should be finished on June 30, 2003 - was prolonged
by Chris Bleicher for one month until August 31, 2003.

Diana Lang

"Garten in the Hereafter" created Mrs. Lang from Ingolstadt for this pet urn with flower motif. This model she choose, too as price of the urn collection by Chris Bleicher.

A special price wan Helga Knorr from Buxtehude, Germany

On the basis of this positive result by Chris Bleicher and Simone Brockes the idea was created of the nationwide competition:

Germany and Austria look for the most beautiful pet urn names!

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