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Series: Waterproof Sunshine
Suitable for wet areas like bath, swimming pool, open air

Nature Birth
Mixed media, among others golden leafs on acrylic,
polyptychon (three-part), each 39" x 24"

The ray disc, the symbol of the presence of the sun, illuminates first itself and than all bodies of the sky and the world with visible life. With streams of water she embodies the necessary connection for all life of sund and water, warmth and humidity.

Sunshine in my heart

Mixed media, among others golden leafs on acrylic,
17" in diameter - sold

The heart is symbolized through the sun as center of life. The radiant sun and the radiant or flaming heart mean the same. The heart is the center of men and love.

Lotus Sun

Mixed media, among others golden leafs on acrylic,
12" in diameter - sold

Lotus is the flower of light which genesis through the growing together of the big creative power of the sun fire and the lunar power of water. Opening with the sun and closing with sunset is she the symbol of rebirth of sun and therefore of all return, creation, renewal, immortality.

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