"Junge Kunst", 1/1996

Translation of German text

Art for the Future

Event, event... Even arts is becoming more and more a part of our social life. For long enough it kept away from functions lacking a touch of museum or gallery, no doubt with good reason. Also due perhaps to the fact that not every kind of art lends itself to humor or larger events.

Chris Bleicher from Munich is one of those scintillating artist personalities who does not allow herself and her neon art to be pushed into a pigeon-hole. Man and nature, the intact future of our planet earth are the things that motivate her. Sometimes she even collects material for her works from the neighbors' trash cans. "The Night of Venus in the Jaguar" was the aim of an event which Chris Bleicher organized last autumn in Munich under the slogan "Fun for a good cause". Out of a gigantic, harmless-looking animal in the "Nachtcafe" on Marienplatz climbed show star, Linda Lamont, as a good-sized Marilyn, travestying "Diamonds are a girls's best friend". Sabrina and Stefanie Kuntz sang "Give us peace/give us hope/for the future of our world" and the prize-winning magician Jörg Alexander, transformed a ten mark note into one hundred marks.

This was all to stimulate sales of raffle numbers, with a moral plus to be won as well as appealing prizes, the event being for the benefit of UNICEF. A committed, and as could be seen from the numerous guests representative of the local scene in Munich's "Nachtcafe", also an attractive undertaking. In the end, the proceeds amounted to over DM 4,000. The jaguar built of waste plastic (yoghurt pots etc.) reigned over all. And on the walls, neon pictures by Chris Bleicher meandering, like this over 3,40 m animal through her impression of Mexiko and other parts of this world.

"The target group", according to the artist, "are not just ecology fanatics, but people who don't concern themselves so much" with the concept of recycling, don't consider so much that others will be living on this earth after them. In this context "Venus" stands for "eroticism and new life".

For children "should see and know that there are animals out in the countryside". Children are the future. As a result of two art events by Chris Bleicher in 1993 and 1994, UNICEF has already been able to collect a total of DM 15,000 without having to make much of an effort itself. But despite this, her pictures are not intended to "master problems". "For me, it is important to impart joy with my art". Artists would have nothing to lose if "sometimes joy" came into an exhibition opening. As an artist, one must also consider presenting and staging one's style in accordance with art, something which Chris Bleicher in her glowing leopard outfit successfully does. Clearly and active part of her own art performance, whe uses "fun" to poiunt out a serious background.

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