"Münchner Stadtanzeiger (SZ)", March 25, 1993

translation of German text

Yearning, neon-colored
An unusual artist takes off, goes down well

Chris Bleicher's pictures with their motifs from many continents arouse dreams and yearning. Under the significant title of "Take off - Arrive", the gifted artist presented 25 of her works to an interested public at the Hypobank branch on Kurfürstenplatz. Whether with proud flamingos against the backdrop of a tropical forest or a splendidly colored butterfly which has chosen to settle on a piece of metal from an airplane, the beholder is constantly delighted by the plastic composition of material and color. Impressions from numerous countries are reflected amongst this globetrotter's motifs. By combining neon tubes, individually produced for each work, and original airplane parts, she has risked an experiment which has enraptured not only the experts. "I wanted to bring something radiant into my pictures", explained Chris Bleicher. The collages are intended to give strength to live, radiate positive vibes. Acrylic, water colors, chalk are other materials used to propagate her message. A mixture of technology and nature creates cheerful focal points, communicating joy. As a result, an enchantingly beautiful picture set in the Pacific really does create something approaching wanderlust. The final touch to perfect this impression is added by the three-dimensional aspect of many of the pictures. "I see the world as being full of negative news", commented the much-traveled painter with regret. This is why she purposely never uses parts from planes which have crashed for the art objects she creates, something which is often wrongly held against her. At the same time, however, this also introduces the concept of recycling, a subject which, like saving the forests, is of great importance to her.

At first it is difficult for the observer to extract these messages from the pictures. But after wandering more closely and more intensively across the painted landscape, one finally becomes aware of this aspect in a subtile form. Consequently, harmony becomes an accusation, stimulating deeper contemplation. The exhibits with the magic of tropical fodrests and freedom above the clouds can still e viewed until 8th April at the Hypobank branch (Kurfürstenplatz), Nordendstrasse 49. Opening times are Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 12.30 h and 13.45 to 15.45 h; every Thursday it is possible to view these radiant works until 17.30 h.

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