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peepart-Assistants: 14 girls and women of an international group of total 25 assistants came to the photo shooting with the neon- and performance artist Chris Bleicher. The attraction was the studio darling, the "Little, Fat Giant Jaguar". Such scenes and many other studio events presents Bleicher in the future under Four live-cameras permanently watch the artist and her assistants at work and during leisure time and fun; the daily or weekly specials which will be put on display from Chris Bleicher will be set and placed in advanced on the peepart-homepage under "Events and Dates". Studio visitors and party guests, will be integrated as well. One or more of the international assistants will be available to chat live around the globe. Interested parties then can chat directly with the individual girls and women of their choice at certain, announced times. The assistants are therefore shortly introduced with photo and text on the peepart-homepage.

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