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Photo©: Al Herb, Weichselbaumerstr. 10, 80686 Muenchen, Germany, Tel. 089/568833

Chris Bleicher's erotic and exotic visions in her studio

Many exotic travels influenced again and again the artwork of Chris Bleicher. "Through my art I want to express joie de vivre, influence positive with colors and shapes, to stimulate the phantasy." An aesthetic body is for me as an artist of course a special faszination.

Therefore it plays a part in her art, too, female and male erotica. The stimulus for that the artist takes from life, where she is also interested in fringe groups. In her studio (voyeurism in its pure form is innocent and not disturbing, not at all) she than translates her impressions artistically - or in artwork, room installations or photo sessions.
(Titel of the Neon Picture Object you see: "Waiting for a New Love").

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