Media Reports

Chris Bleicher's

Open End Glasses Collection
in favor of the international organisation "Brillen Weltweit" (= Glasses Worldwide)

muenchen.tv online February 21, 2018 Brillen für eine schönere Sicht auf die Welt
(= Glasses for a more beautiful sight on the world) here

muenchen.tv March 9, 2017 Münchner Künstlerin sammelt Brillen für den guten Zweck
(= Munich Artist Collects Glasses for Good Cause) here

BR (Interview) Notizbuch September 29, 2016 Fieberthermometer, Krücken, Brillen
(= clinical thermometer, crutches, glasses) here

AZ March 13, 2018 Diese Frau sammelt Brillen aber nicht für sich
(= This Woman collects glasses but not for herself) here

AZ March 12, 2018 peepart Galerie Brillen für den guten Zweck
(= peepart gallery glasses for charity here

SZ March 12, 2018 Sammelaktion für Brillen (= Collecting action for glasses) here

Isar-Anzeiger March 1, 2018 BRILLENSAMMELAKTION zugunsten Brillen Weltweit
(= Glasses collection action in favor of Brillen Weltweit [Worldwide]) here

ASZ Harlaching 1-4 2018 Chris Bleicher: Neon- & Performance Artist/Brillen (Glasses) here

Gelbes Muenchen Heft March 2018 Lichtvolle Energie mit (Neon) Art & Open End-Brillensammel-Aktion (= Enlightening energy with (neon) art & open end glasses collection action) here

March 2018 Aufruf zur Brillen-Spende (= Call for glasses donation) here

AZ March 13, 2017 Chris Bleicher sammelt Sehhilfen - Ihre Brille für Bedürftige
(= Chris Bleicher collects optical aid - Your glasses for people in need) here

SZ March 13, 2017BRILLENSAMMEL-AKTION Tue Gutes, fühle Dich super! Mach mit!
(= Glasses collection action Do good, feel great! Come on in!) here

HALLO münchen March 8, 2017 Brillensammelaktion
(= Glasses collection action) here and here

tz January 23/24, 2016 BRILLENSAMMEL-AKTION Tue Gutes, fühle Dich super! Mach mit!
(= Glasses action Do good, feel great! Come on in!)here

tz Dezember 9./24, 2015 BRILLENSAMMEL-AKTION Tue Gutes, fühle Dich super! Mach mit!
(= Glasses action Do good, feel great! Come on in!)here

The glasses collection activity "Poetry meets peepart" incl. guidance on
February 17, 2016 (with following poetry recite of Poesieboten in the ASZ Isarvorstadt) through Chris Bleicher's Open End Exhibition ENLIGHTENING ENERGY
was like other guidances before complete success: (peepart diary 26. Nov. 2015) and peepart diary of Dec. 9, 2015

More and actual about me and my charity activities
(incl. day care center of the city of Munich) see peepart diary 2015 and

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As Germanys first artist already 2006 I sent daily photos and text
from New York City to the isarbote editors office (Germanys first online magazine),
what was in that time a technical adventure! With actual reports I'm on front page:

Big Thankyou to all participants, especially donors,
editor offices and sponsors, who made this great result possible!


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