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Chris Bleicher's

Open-door Day Glasses Raises Campaign

Artist's Open-door Monday, March 11, 2019 10 am - 9 pm,
Müllerstr. 43, UG (near Sendlinger-Tor-Platz) in the heart of Munich, Germany. If you should be around you can bring your treasures, I'm personally present and very glad about your visit - Enjoyment with neon art & more is for free!

In favour of the international organisation "Brillen Weltweit" (= Glasses Worldwide) see Non-Profit declaration for the poorest of poor in Africa, Asia, South Amerika ecc., who can never afford glasses during their lifetime.

As representant (unsalaried, see confirmation) I'm collecting as well in 2019
Glasses of any vision, as well as bifokal-, children- & sunglasses, etuis,
hearing aid, medical aids (such as crutches), wheeled walkers, wheelchairs

Big Thankyou to my sponsors, volunteers and ALL, who make - hopefully in 2019 again - a great result possible:


münchen.tv online More publications see Link Media Reports below:

What I surrenderd to Brillen Weltweit here

Media Reports here

Chris Bleicher's Receiving Locations in Munich, Germany here

"Do Good, feel great
and motivate imitation"

After nearly one year: Monday, March 12, 2018
there was again my glasses collection action
What was all donated see peepart diary: here

Big Thankyou to my sponsors and ALL, who made this great result possible:


Nearly one year before, on Monday, March 13, 2017
I opened again my artists door of my Open End Exhibition
ENLIGHTENING ENERGY in the heart of Munich, Photos: Photos:
here and here

During this day from beloved people were donated 1.410 glasses, 4 wheeled walkers, 1 wheel chair, as well as 9 hearing aids and many medical aids which I gave on March 18, 2017 to the beloved Mr. Klein of Brillen Weltweit. He came with a transportations car from the headquarters in Koblenz to Munich. Thanks to all, who conduced to success, especially as well the editors offices!
I'm collecting cheerful onwards, totally there are already 15.383 donated glasses: My dream destination is a party with the 100.000st glasses...

Glasses Collection March 18, 2017: here

To Chris Bleicher's Donation St. Gertrudis-Inspiration With Neon: here

Chris Bleicher's Bavaria Art Souvenirs Shop: here

Short version of peepart with new layout

As well ORGANIC Urns!
To my lovingly handpainted (pet-)urns and (pet-)coffins:
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