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NEW since Jan. 3, 2017 online:
peepart peep with Wild Birds LiveCam!

In the summer (2018) I wasn't feeding my little ones, therefore the liveCam is off.
For the season 2018/19 they got a tiny table. My dear computer man is on travel Nov.18 .
Therefore I've to wait until his return that I can install here as well my LiveCam.

The wild birds liveCam concept - wich run from Jan. 17 - Aug. 18 -
incl. links to reports/publications see below:

My peepart LiveCam AVANTGARDE-art project to the theme "Communication Worldwide in Real Time" from the year 2000 got new LiveCam and new concept: People who cannot/want to leave their cozy home but want to cheer their heart with bird watching from now on there is the opportunity: Face to face such as blackbird, blu tit, great tit, chaffinch, jay, nuthatch, a brown/grey pigeon couple, woodpecker (Dendrocopos), squirrels in real time! Photos: here After many years peepart LiveCam break I finally realized this idea. Hence the "little one's" feel comfortable I camouflaged the cam in birds eye height in a synthetic flower pot on the about 3 meters large window board. With the infrared cam observations are possible from daybreak. Please note with your watching that in Munich there is Middle European time! About your feedback I would be glad: My email (Re: "Bird Cam"): chris@peepart.com or on facebook in the new group "Bei peepart piepts! Für Vogelfreunde und solche, die es werden wollen"
(= For bird lovers and such who want to be one's) here
Links/publications to peepart piep-Wild BirdsLiveCam:
- Earthcam here
- Vögel Magazine here
- Deine Tierwelt Magazine - please scroll to headline "Vögel beobachten" (= Bird Watch): hier
- Blasting News, USA: here
- Snapshots of my beloved friends on my windowsill in my peepart diary (Text is in German)

I'm glad about (old) fans and new viewers!
Yours Chris Bleicher

peepart is AVANTGARDE!
Good 15 years I was ahead of my time!!!

To my big pleasure I saw on German TV (ARD) on July 23, 2015
that the new trend is "WORLD LIVE ONLINE": 24 hours online, in real time, sharing events/work with people.

Four LiveCams broadcasted already in the year 2000 around the clock
the complete studio life directly online,
see button LiveCams below. With her
art project enabled the German neon- and performance artist Chris Bleicher
insight through her artistic joy of creating: Neon art (pictures & sculptures),  happenings & performances covered by the media,  events,  bodypaintings, 
art shop,   Urn Art,  fine art print on canvas & more.

Everything was documented; as well studio visitors and party guests were integrated. At definited times Chris chatted with her international assistants around the globe.
After one year of innovative peepart liveCAM studio activities, the artist Chris Bleicher wanted refuel for a while. For this reason the studio cameras (overview camera, couch group, person at the laptop and mobile camera) are on a break.

"Chris Bleicher's peepart Diary
2011   2012   2013   2014   2015   2016   2017   2018  

2019   2020   2021   2022   2023  

September 2006 as first German artist I startet

"Chris Bleicher's online Travel Diary"

isarbote reported about my US travel as often as I sent photos with text
- mostly daily - to the editors office. This was pioneering at that time!

To past LiveCAMs studio events
please click the liveCAMs-Button

In the year 2000 live broadcast was just cost-intensive (six-figure amount)
with user-to-user-connection in the studio possible.

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