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peepart Tagebuch 24. April 2017
Big Thank you for the Award of the Best Booth Design!
Thank you to all artists in our booth with the NYICAS (New York International Contemporary Art Society), with the curator Alcinda Saphira and Albert Ventura www.artsvgallery.com. A big thank you goes to Eric Smith and the Redwood Media Group for the award for the best booth design! It is a big honor to be represented like that at ARTEXPO.

Nach so viel ARTEXPO zurück zum Hotel und umziehen zum Spaziergang am Time Square. Viele Touristen und super Atmosphäre!

Happy artists about the award of the best booth design: Jean Pierre Lorriaux, Chris Bleicher, Guillermo Martorell, Neil Kerman (from left)

Award for the best booth design - thank you to all artists of our booth, the curator Alcinda Saphira, Albert Ventura and Eric Smith and the Redwood Media!

Chris Bleicher mit Art curator Alcinda Saphira, Saphira & Ventura Gallery

Chris Bleicher mit Albert Ventura, Saphira & Ventura Gallery

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